Sunday, 23 October 2011


I thought I'd blog about my last 24 hours. I've been thrown up on more than someone should be really.

So Younger boy had his first sickness bug. It started on Friday night

Younger boys loves his food. For him not to eat defiantly made me know something was wrong.

Later that evening

So after me and Daddy cleaned up the mountains of sick I got Younger boy back in bed and he went straight to sleep. We didn't hear a peep until morning.

Then is was breakfast time

After cleaning up another mountain of sick and Younger boy sleeping most of the day and eating nothing it gets to evening time. Time for more food.

Younger boy is a bit hungry by now and eats a banana

I was so happy, for that split second that there was no sick. When Older boy comes into see us

Lucky me!

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