Friday, 30 September 2011

I was given boys for a reason..

OK, so we all know boys find toilet humour very funny. You just don't expect it to start so young. Older boy had finished his dinner and I was still feeding younger boy. Older boy went and took himself for a wee on the potty.

I tell him he's a good boy and out the corner of my eye I see him come tottering in with his trousers round his ankles. 

I wonder what on earth he is doing so I wait for him to come into the dining room and he is laughing with his pants pulled up as far as he can get them with his willy poking out the leg hole of his pants. 

Trying not to laugh I tell him to stop being silly then I notice that younger boy (who I might add is not quite one) is laughing so hard he's almost crying. Still trying not to laugh I tell him to put his willy away and smiling he does. 

He then continues to let out a huge fart.

By now younger boy can hardly contain himself and older boy is so proud of himself for making his brother laugh.

My sons are so funny. I was defiantly given boys for a good reason!!

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  1. Girls are the same really, it would seem. I have three friends here that have girls the same age as my daughter and they are just as bad. All of them. My daughter kindly points out to me that we don't say poop, pee, vagina, boobies ( a few other things are listed) in public right mummy? Yes, dear we don' we are stood in a crowed mrt (underground) staion... Nice!