Thursday, 12 April 2012

Girl friend

Older boy has a girlfriend. He talks about her quite a bit

Last week was the end of term Easter fair. I saw them together. They were like this

Yes they are 3. Yes there was quite a lot of kissing

So I asked him when we got home what he liked so much about her

Match made in Heaven!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nappy washing day

Picture the scene. It's nappy washing day and everything is going well. Younger one is in a fresh clean nappy, the weather is perfect of drying and they are all in the washing machine.

Everything is going well when one of 3 things happens. I mean ALWAYS happens..

Number 1

I forget one nappy which is wet and smelly and has to wait another 2/3 days to get washed

Number 2

It starts raining. As any cloth nappy user will know, it's hard getting nappies dry inside when your heating isn't on

And at number 3

The poop-splosion. Obviously the youngest ones favourite. And a poop-splosion will ALWAYS happen just as you have turned the washing machine on, so again it has to wait another 2/3 days to get washed

If I'm feeling really unlucky then all three will happen but I'm guaranteed that one of them will