Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Asking why: Part 1

I say Part 1 because the why thing is new and exciting to him so I'm sure there will be a few more why moment

So, older boy has started asking questions. It's fine when it's a question I can answer. Only now questions are starting to get more difficult. And lucky me...we have started with the dreaded WHY?

So the other morning I was helping the boys with their breakfast and while they were eating the kettle switched off (I always boil the kettle while they eat then the coffee will be a drinkable temperature). Older boy says

I answer, "it's the kettle switching off". Happy in the knowledge I have answered the first question of the day with no brain power needed.

He then proceeds with...

I hope my simple answer will suffice.

But no

So I decide to go into more detail

I'm hoping the shock of the over honest answer will stop the why for a bit!!

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