Saturday, 17 December 2011

kids Christmas party

**WARNING** this is not suitable for children

So (setting the scene), I took the boys to a kids Christmas party. The eldest child there was 6. We were playing party games before Santa came. The game I'm going to talk about is pass the parcel

As we all know, pass the parcel is an innocent game. The music plays-you pass the parcel around, when the music stops the person it lands on opens the parcel

Totally innocent until the parcel is wrapped in newspaper, well The Sun to be exact...

The music stops on Older boy. He eagerly opens the first layer, I help as he's not quite perfected his taking off one layer skills when the next layer reviles 3 of The Sun was the second layer of the pass the parcel wrapping.

NB. I took off another layer before letting the next child have it.

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